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Borescope Inspection Procedure Pdf Download




In the second part, we deal with the view of maintenance planner, and explain how to  improve the  maintenance plan. Generally speaking, maintenance of equipment is a dynamic process. As maintenance of machines needs to consider the actual performance, the  plan for  the next maintenance  cycle  cannot be  determined  all the time.  In  practice, the  maintenance  cycle  is  determined  based on  both  the  machine condition  and  the  operator’s demand.  Since the  machine condition  is  often  difficult  to  be  measured  precisely, the  operator’s demand is  usually  used  as  the  basic factor.  For  the  operator’s demand, the  employees’ attitude, the  business performance, and  the  performance of  the  maintenance work are  important  factors.  There are  many research works focusing on this field  in  literature  [@Yeo2004; @Chakraborty2011a; @Koch2004; @Fujita2011; @Dwivedi2011a; @Rao2011].  In  this  paper, we mainly try to focus on the  view of maintenance planner, that is,  the  maintenance planner can  only  decide  the  next  maintenance  cycle  on  the  basis of  the  machine condition, and  the  employee’s attitude, and  the  demand of  business performance.  Although  the  maintenance planner cannot know precisely the  machine condition,  he/she  can  get  the  approximate data  from  the  process of  the  maintenances,  and  can  make  a  reasonable  estimation.  Besides,  the  demand of  business performance is  easier  to  be  measured.  According to  [@Chakraborty2011a], the  demand of  business performance is  closely  related  to  the  operator’s  attitude.  Hence,  in  this  paper,  we  try  to  focus  on  the  employee’s  attitude,  and  the  demand of  the  business performance.  From  the  view  of  the  maintenance planner, the  employees’ attitude and  the  demand of  the  business performance are  the  important  factors  to 



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Borescope Inspection Procedure Pdf Download

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