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nafiche 123
Jun 15, 2022
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Features: When the options given by the system are not in your own selection range, you can well customize the selection range and leave the definition authority in the hands of the user. Similarly, it needs to click other trigger class components (such as executive email list the save button) before performing the operation. Recommendation: There should be clear executive email list operation prompts during the user's sliding operation, so that the user can always perceive the current state; the sliding area should not exceed 100 scales as much as possible. If the scale distance is too small, it is difficult for the user to accurately select the range when sliding. For example: In the Autohome APP, this selector will appear when I want to select the price range of a car. We can swipe with our finger to select its price range. Compared executive email list with the radio price range in the upper half, it is more scalable. Users can choose the radio selector in the upper part by themselves, or they can choose to slide the multi-select selector to give users more choices. Three, the ten major application points of selectors 3.1 Simple and easy to understand The title executive email list is easy to understand: The title in the selector must be simple and clear, and quickly let the user know why he is making a choice (for example: when you follow a cooking app, it will let You check the recipe you like, and your title can use "" Choose the recipe" four words, simple and clear). Text labels are easy to understand: Phrases are generally executive email list used instead of sentences, and punctuation is not required at the end (eg, when selecting the desired recipe, the text after the recipe does not need to be punctuated). The selection status is easy to understand: The user can clearly perceive what is selected, what is unselected, and what is disabled (for executive email list example: the selected state is highlighted, unselected is normal display, and the disabled state is grayscale display).
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nafiche 123

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